My Favorite Tools

I often get emails asking me what tools I use for restorations. I thought I would make a list here with purchase links for everyone who is interested!

1. Dremel Drill
This is the tool I use most PERIOD, not just for restoration stuff. I love the plug-in version (I have had both, plug and cordless) because it feels more powerful and you dont have to worry about the battery dieing at a critical time, or it becoming underpowered suddenly. With it’s huge library of bits, it can do anything from cutting, to sanding the grime off rusty battery terminals, to drilling out stripped screws, etc… Not to mention 1000 other uses!

2. Sharp Hobby Blades
I use these all the time. Good for opening seams, cutting or shaving plastic, cutting out printed decals, etc. I like the classic Xacto brand but there are lots to choose from

3. Strong Glue
This is a given. I like different glues for different uses. Gorilla Glue (2 part) is amazing for almost anything that just needs strong holding glue. However, it isn’t as good for pieces where you need precision or an undetectable bond. (must be used according to instructions)

For a more controlled bond, Gorilla has a super-glue type of glue that I just started using and LOVE. Dries pretty fast and holds very well!

4. Polishing Compound
Great for polishing clear plastic parts or cardback bubbles. Also can be used to buff out minor scrapes to painted metal parts. I use the very mild grit, because I believe that it is better to gradually get to your desired result, than rush it and risk damaging an item.

Tamiya Polishing Compound (fine) is great, but hard to find sometimes. (I can’t even find it on Amazon!)

5. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
These are great for cleaning grime off of ANYTHING!  Seriously. I have even cleaned old sharpie off of figures with them. Plus, at $1 each, it is a no brainer!

I will list more items as I review them. I only suggest products I have used and really liked.

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