How to use Toyfixer

In 2009 I decided to move from website to blog format. I did this because of the ease of updating, ability for people to comment or ad comentary to any fixes they have used, and because of the ability to change and categorize on the fly.

In the main section, you will just see posts that are added earliest to latest. I may also at some point start writing about the various vintage toy lines, or movie reviews, or whatever. But for now, it is all vintage toy restoration. On the right, you will find a section called CATEGORIES. There you will find the more specific fixes to fit your needs. Note that some fixes are found in more than one category. This is simply because of their relevance in more than one area. NOTE: Sometimes a fix you are looking for might not be in the line-specific fix section. So, if you check your line’s fixes  (like He-Man) and still don’t see a fix, also check the section “Loose Action Figures.” It may be that the fix was just general, for all toy lines, and not specified.

Once again, this site is for information only. I have not personally tested all of the fixes listed, and will not be held responsible for damage caused while attempting anything found on this site. I have chosen these fixes due to their multiple successful usages by many people over the years, and would never put a fix on that I felt would purposefully damage anyones property. 

Enjoy the site!