About ToyFixer.com

Toyfixer.com was launched in November 2002 to fill what I felt was a need in the “vintage” toy collecting world. In the late 90’s I was heavily into collecting vintage Star wars figures. I frequented several message boards for information, news, and tips on collecting. Often people would come to the boards with a “how do I fix…” type question. After several years on the boards, I noticed that most of these questions were repeats, the original answer either being buried in old posts, or the poster being a new member who simply did not know where to look for an answer.

One night, after taking a class in DREAMWEAVER, I decided to collect all the old tips and tricks I had read and remembered, and combine them into one resource. Version 1 of toyfixer.com was born! (of course, it had a different URL that was a subdirectory of my portfolio site at the time.)

Over the years, Toyfixer.com has grown, gotten several facelifts, and over 5000 unique visits. In 2005, I was given credit in Jeremy Beckett’s fantastic book “The Official Price Guide to Star Wars Memorabilia.” In 2008, the site was officially given it’s own URL, and now in 2009, I am changing the format once more, and expanding into other toy lines.

This site has really given me a chance to give back to the hobby I love so much. I hope stays a valuable resource for years to come.

Thank you,




Restoration has always walked a fine line in collecting. ANY time restoration is done on ANY type of object that is being passed on or sold to another person, it is your ethical responsibility to notate the restorations completed. 

Also, as with any restoration, less is more. Don’t do your first restoration on your most valued piece. Practice on lesser pieces, and always test out restorations on small areas before doing them to the whole piece. This site is a resource and is for information only. I will not be held responsible for damage done to pieces using the techniques described on this site.