X-Wing restoration part 3: Perseverance

See Part 1 / Part 2 

The X-Wing is apart and the Wing “weld” is setting – Now I’m going to mess around with the electrical.

So far, it is totally dead. The battery contacts are totally corroded over, and there is no life to the motor or the LED.  I decided that – before rewiring everything – I would soak all the contacts on white vinegar for a few hours and see if that helped.

The vinegar actually got rid of most of the corrosion, and some cleaning with BRASSO got them looking pretty nice again. I tested the electronics again and SPARK – the LED went on.  I then oiled the motor with some 3 in 1 oil, and hand turned the gear until it started running on its own! Victory! The electronics are salvageable!

Next I soaked the parts in hot water. Pretty simple. Afterwards I cleaned them with a toothbrush and Magic Eraser!

Now, the R2 unit on top was really worn. I decided to repaint it with some leftover “silver” spray paint I had. I taped off the top of the R2 unit with painters tape, and gave it a quick shot with the spray paint. It’s not perfect, but it is much better.

Here are all the parts post cleaning – You will notice that the weld on the wing broke again.

I’m not sure why as it seemed really strong. I don’t THINK I let the plastic sit in the acetone long enough to fully break down, so I am going to try again – This means finding more “donor plastic” from inside the X-Wing to use to melt.  Easier said than done – Let it never be said that Kenner was generous with their raw materials.  I did manage to get some shavings though, that I hope will be enough –

Resting in acetone:

I’m going to let it dissolve for 24 hours and try the weld again.  Until this works or doesn’t work, I’m pretty much at a standstill on this project – Will check in again for part 4!

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