Fix for broken tabs on He-Man figure type armor.

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Clean up the area to be fixed (Maybe even sand lightly to help the adhesion) 
Then use Hot glue and put a dab on to be used to shape it latter. 

Shape the hot glue while it’s cooling to the desired shape (Will shape again latter so just get it close with extra)

Now get some wire (the kind used for tying up tree braches) 

Heat up the end of it with a candle (or some other source)

Press it into the armor while it is hot (It will melt into the armor for strength)

Cut off the excess wire (the part hanging past the hot glue)

Use a hot knife and cover up the exposed wire with melted plastic. (The knife will heat up the plastic, then mash it over the wire)

You may have to add a little hot glue to get it to all smooth over (Don’t get burned) 

Let it cool 

Look over your work and fix any defects.

Cut & Sand the area to match the other side (You may need to use the hot knife again, to reshape it) 

Paint it purple to match (Just use some model paint, acrylic, and mix the colors to match (It may dry darker, it might take more then once)

That’s it. Good as new. (Not really, you still need to be very careful; the paint may crack off too )

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