How do you fix broken legs or loose bands in a He-Man type figure?

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1.) Here are the parts you’ll need:
(2)  Screw eyes (1 inch long)(1-or-2)
O-ring 7/16″ ID 9/16″ OD
3″ length on dental floss

2.) Bend  the screw Eyes open

3.) it should look like this after bending

4.) Pull out the extra rubber

5.) It should look clean after its all out
(it may take you some time to get this all out)

6.) Screw in the first Screw Eye
(Do right leg only!)

7.) Put the o-ring on and tighten the Screw eye until it touches the leg.

8.) Tie some dental floss or string to the o-ring
(Leave a loose loop, so you don’t break the o-ring)

9.) Thread the dental floss though the opening and though the gap where the rubber went in the first place.

10.) Carefully pull the sting and o-ring through the other side.

11.) Hook the loop with the other screw eye

12.) Cut the dental floss

13.) Hold the Screw eye with some needle nose pliers and screw on the left leg

14.) Make some final adjustments

Here’s what the two o-ring option looks like.
(Using 2 is harder to do, but makes for a tighter leg.)

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2 Responses to How do you fix broken legs or loose bands in a He-Man type figure?

  1. Chris says:

    I followed this step by step instructions after scoring a deal on lots of He-Man figures someone was practically giving away at a garage sale. I wasn’t sure if they could be fixed but had the inclination to find out on the Internet if someone did. I have used this technique to repair about four figures that I thought were not going to be salvaged. Thanks for the great tips with photos. A few of my favorite figures have returned to my collection thanks to your blog.


  2. 76 kid says:

    Dude you rule. Had quite a few figures that needed their legs tightened. Your trick makes it easier to display them. THANKS!


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