How do you replace a T-bar (leg joint) in a GI Joe?

Sometimes the hook on the T-Bar (also called T-hook) of a GI Joe will break. To fix this, first take the joe apart. The top hook of the T-Bar is hooked onto the O-ring. The tricky part is the piece that goes into the legs. To fix this, one must remove it from inside the leg of the Joe. 

Much like the joe back, there is a screw on the “inner thigh” area of the joe. Take a small philips head screwdriver and unscrew it. Remove the T-bar. The biggest trick to replacing these is that a T-bar is not something you can just find at a hardware store. Some online stores sell replacements ( sometimes has them in stock). Ebay is also a good place to look. Your easiest bet is to just take one from an extra or “beater” figure you have laying around.

Once you have the new T-hook in place, just reassemble to figure.

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  1. Shihab says:

    Well this is often embarrassing. T bars are not likely to be found close at hand and you can’t substitute one with something else. But you can make one. Not as good as the real one but one that just might work.
    * Find a tiny T bar sized metal. (Can be easily found, inside battary operated toys, where is motor is held, or you may cut a piece out from a hard wire.)
    * Collect some copper wire, extra thin and fine.
    * Apply some super glue on one of the tip of the piece of metal. Carefully wind the copper wire around the tip and keep on winding till it gets the volume of the ball joint in the T bar and roughly shaped like a ball. Keep your winding tight and apply some more glue upon it and wait till it dries. Snap off the attached string of copper wire.
    * Apply similar technique on the other tip.
    * You will not have a hook to hang your O ring but you may cut a groove in the middle of the metal so that the O ring is not displaced it will hold the figure a bit tighter but it will work just fine.
    *Try it!


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