My Rancor / 12 inch Vader’s arm fell off, how do I reattach it?

This fix comes from my friend Shane at!
“Basically, just pull one of the arms out until you can see the elastic band that’s currently holding it in place and cut it so both arms fall off. Then, you simply have to re-string the new elastic around one arm and then grab the loose end through the opposing hole and reattach it to the second arm. “
To get a new elastic band, take the broken one to a hardware or hobby store and ask them if they have a similar replacement!

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2 Responses to My Rancor / 12 inch Vader’s arm fell off, how do I reattach it?

  1. Drew Kremer says:

    My buddy Russ uses large “Zip-Ties” to re-attach arms that have detached from vintage Star Wars figures. He feeds the Zip-Tie through the loop in one arm (creating a large “U” and feeds the whole thing through the figure’s torso. Then he pokes the pointy end of the Zip-Tie through the other arm loop (make sure you have the arms on the correct sides) and then pokes the pointy end (again) through the slotted end of the Zip-Tie and ratchets it tight slowly until the arms are properly tight. Then, simply cut the excess Zip-Tie with wire cutters (done from a partial opening between the arm and the torso). Wa-La!

    And this won’t break unless the plastic breaks down. Just make sure it isn’t too tight (where it will pull the arm loops out of place with too much play). If it is too loose, just fidgit the Zip-Tie tighter (best to be done before cutting off the excess.


  2. Kim says:

    Thank you Drew!
    I just got a bunch of vintage 12″ STAR WARS figures for my son and I. Unfortunately, the arm of Chewbacca detached itself… I was going to crazy-glue it but thank god I found your explanation which works perfect!

    My son and I really appreciate it!



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