How do you remove yellowing from vintage figures?

This fix was thought impossible for several years. Recently however, people have been experimenting and finding ways to seemingly reverse the yellow appearance of aged plastic. There is no long term testing of this, so future repercussions on the plastic are unknown. Use at your own risk. Also, the chemicals involved can be very dangerous. Again, use at your own risk. 

Method 1:

(This post copied direct from one of the original figure board posts describing the process)

“This has been a long time research progect (come hobby) for both my mate and myself, were talking years here and have tryed a number of daft ideas rangeing from bleach to toothpaste and from brasso to vinigar!!

firstly i must repeat:-
this is realy only at test stage this has now been going on for aprrox 3 weeks only so more tests are needed, not only to stop anyone destroying any figures . Also please note use at your own risk .

this is a statment from the lad (my mate) who found this idea:-

HI there i’m new to the boards, but by way of introduction I’m catguts mate, (the one who has been trying out ways of removing the yellowing from figures, in my case transformers). and the suggestion to use this method was given to me by a friend who uses this in labs all the time and stated that it “lightens the colours” on their coloured plastic equipment and therefore may be of use here.
The trial i have been conducting is using a 30% Hydrogen peroxide solution, which can be obtained with a little research on the net (apparently you can get this as a health supllement??)

Anyway i have been soaking the pieces in a glass container and placing this in direct sunlight (ironic i know) , this appears to react with the peroxide causing it to “bleach” the plastics back to their original colours. Unlike conventional bleech this does not appear to cause a brittleness in the plastic after cleaning, however its earlly days yet so use this method at your own risk. The figures i have tried this on were either spares or in dire need of attention.

Now heres the warning part Peroxide is listed as harmful, and so gloves and care should be used when working with this stuff, the contact times vary depending on the plastic and the level of yellowing seen.

If you spill this on skin rinse immediately with plenty of water, the skin will turn white but should return to normal after about 30 to 60 minutes and is associated with a pins and needles type of sensation which lasts for about 10 minutes.

Again use this material and method at your own risk,so far i have had success with all of the figures i have tried this on but i am only trying it on hard – not waxy or rubbery- plastics so the effect on these is currnetly untried.

The whole thread can be read on 

Method 2:

This method includes the use of a product dubbed “RetrObright”

Similar to the above. The retrObright wiki (and retrObright recipe) can be found here.

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