How do I remove a figure from an AFA case?

How do I remove a figure from an AFA case?



Let’s face it, some people just don’t like the AFA cases, for one reason or another… Here is an illustrated way to free the figure from it’s case, thanks to Bill Cable of

First, we have our figure, in this case, a Tri-Logo Amanaman:


The sealed case does have one open spot, which is on the back of the case, on the bottom. This opening is to let the carded figure “breathe,” but is also the perfect size to slide a knife into:


If you twist the knife, a piece of the bottom panel will break off. Note that the whole bottom will not come off, just a chip off of it, hence destroying the case. Once you have started the chipping process, take some needle nose pliers and break off the rest of the bottom in pieces, until there is enough gone to safely remove your figure:


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