How do I clean a cloth cape (or cloth item in general)?

A while ago I was sent an email from a man saying that he had a Lando General who’s cape was dirty, and stained with soda or something… pretty dingy I guess… Here is what I wrote to him:

“Hmm.. Now I have never done this, but if I were in your shoes I would: 
Get a little tub and fill it with warm water and a liquid soap (a mild one).. Then, I would spray the cape with a stain remover like spray ‘n wash. Then I would hand wash the cape gently in the warm soapy water. After a good wash, I would press it between 2 towels to get a lot of the water out, then just let it dry flat. I think that should work. “

He wrote back:
” I tried cleaning it the way you said, and it worked great! The stain is gone…you’d never know it was there. Thanks for your help. “

I guess it worked! This should work for cloth robes and such as well!!

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