The best way to avoid restoration in the future,
is proper conservation today.

There are many ways you can take steps today, to insure that your collection maintains its condition, appearance, and
value in the future.

– Avoid direct contact with sunlight
*** There are many companies that sell stick-on UV reflective coatings for windows

-Avoid contact with fluorescent light

-Avoid exposure to cigarette smoke (Will yellow toys and make them stink)

-Avoid extreme temperature shifts

-Avoid exposure to hot steam

-Avoid Extreme humidity

-Avoid dust build up, either by displaying in a dust resistant area, or by gently maintaining routine dusting

-Keep carded figures in protective cases, such as STAR CASE brand cases

-Invest in plastic bins for storage. Mice / pests can get into cardboard. Plastic is also more water resistant in case of leaks

-Do NOT leave young children unattended near your collection. Maybe invest in a lock for the door to your collection area.


-If you live in an area prone to earthquakes, invest in a pack of “Quake Hold” brand Museum putty. This will help keep things from falling and getting damaged in the case of an earthquake.

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